Thursday, May 02, 2002

I am leaving for NYC tomorrow. My belly is all aflutter, I am desperately trying to decide what to bring with me, I am trying to remember whether I asked for paper-tickets or not for the trip Volda-Oslo, I have 15 minutes of afro-american accented compact stream-of-consciousness interview to type before I can copy all the interviews to a CD and pack them, there's this loop churning in the back of my head with which files and book I just can't live without, the lap-top is starting to go to rest at odd intervals, weak with old age and I worry it won't handle the journey, and yes, I have to give up trying to fit it all into the backpack. I can always go shopping in New York, right? Yeah, thought so... I have never been able to buy clothes there! I'll just grab one more piece of luggage,

The worst fear is that when I am there I have no more excuses. I am there to finish. I'll have to do it. And that's the one thing I am really afraid of.

Anyway... if you don't hear from me for a few days, I might be just about anywhere!

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