Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Blog school in Norwegian

If you're Norwegian and wonder what a blog is, check out Bloggskolen. If you are Norwegian and know what a blog is, perhaps even use it a lot and have done research on the topic, it's a lesson in how blogging looks from the outside, way outside Academia.


Juel Chouinard said...


I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to blog several months ago. During an Advanced Written Communication course at McGill University, I was challenged to find and report on a blog in my field. I did not find anything. Your blog title intrigued me to read on. Once I saw your creative perspective using the photos and links to your gaming and conference activities I decided to try it out.
Good luck with your travels over the next 10 days.

Torill said...

Thank you. It's always nice to know what I write is fun, interesting and inspiring for others. Actually, it's a very nice warm fuzzy feeling ;)