Friday, November 12, 2004

Suicidal librarians

Tron Øgrim, radical journalist and selfproclaimed technofreak, ended the conference by provoking the audience to activism and to fight for the free literature distributed through the libraries. Although I am not entirely sure librarians would choose to bomb the library or burn themselves alive.

The conference has been interesting, intense activity on a small area, with only occasional trips to the University to provide some exercize in the rain. I like the style of intense lectures, workshops and open periods of coffee and lunch. I have given one lecture - and what was supposed to be two half workshops but timewise it ended up with two whole workshops. So I worked every day, and now I am shot. But there are people who now know how to blog, who did not know before.

So, fun all around, and not least nice to see Jill, Hanne Lovise, Sarah and Lisbeth again, Scott for the second time in a few weeks, and Cory Doctorow for the first time ever.


Thomas said...

As a 'professional' blogger, what's your opinion of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet's weblogs? Are they truly blogs or are they more like communities of some kind?

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

I realize that my comment is rather off-topic, but ... hey! shoot me!

Torill said...

I am sure I can find a way to get at you without leaving anything as crude as bullet wounds thomas. And while you ponder that, let me just say that I don't really believe in a true, pure blog. Blogs are creatures of convenience, the genre is transient and evolving, and as suited to building communities as to reporting news as to confessing your daily sins. So to me the question as to whether Dagbladet's weblogs are communities or blogs is moot, because there is no reason why they can't be both.