Monday, November 29, 2004

Starting low

There are weeks when I hit Monday exhausted, and not from fun stuff. My mother, who has been of poor health and not too reasonable about it for years, is now worse. The weather is making the roads very dangerous due to avalanches, both landslides and snow, and my daughter has been driving about the county to different concerts. Combinations of ferry schedules, weather and general stupidity from the organisers, going to see my mother yesterday had to happen by bus - which of course takes hours more than by car and includes lots of walking with a heavy pack. Tomorrow I am leaving for ten days, much of which will be spent in various hotels in Copenhagen. If you don't hear from me, imagine me relaxed in a museum or gallery in Copenhagen, making intelligent conversation totally unrelated with the many phonecalls I have to make today, or hanging out with Lisbeth and Susana, passing sarcastic little comments about presenters and papers at Other Players. That's the hope that keeps me from calling in sick and cancelling everything for the next two weeks.

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