Monday, November 08, 2004

Quick visit home

And last night and today was spent with the board I am in on the Norwegian Board of Research. Starting to work the moment I am home is one way to cure jet-lag - I slept at the right time and all night tonight - I am dead tired now, but that's normal around this time. Continental Airlines have a long way to go before they are as smooth and professional as SAS, just being treated efficiently and politely is worth paying for. Yes, I want the direct flights Oslo - New York with SAS back. (insert whine here)

Now it's one day in my office (dear, familiar, comfortable office), before I am off to Bergen and Sosial og Digital. Hopefully, some more nights of comfortable sleep before that.

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Saluna_the_Student said...

I was googling "Existentialism" when I found your post. Ha~ I am currently working on a personal, well, not anymore because I've told quite a couple of lecturers in my school, about a project based on answering the question and the problem imposed by sartre's concept of being and nothingnes..

how I answer them is I travel through how the political, social, and economic issues of today is directly related to the meaning to exist, from when Washington founded the American dream to a culture of hopeful seekers right now who don't know what they want. As such the "free" market of today and mass media are taken advantage, instead of being used.

Hmmm. Pretty heavy stuff. Still working on it, but what do you think?