Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2006 1.2

The new year started February 11th, but the celebrations were modest. They did however include a shared bottle of wine and some heavy WoW-ing after the husband fell asleep watching the olympics, and that is bliss at winter time!

Two weeks into the new year things have noticeably changed. Today I am no longer leading the Information Study, and this will be the state of the world until October 1st. The bliss of not being responsible is immense. I can send all the mail and all the phones on. If I just got a phone right now, that's exactly what I could do!

Before the new year is four weeks old I will have changed hemispheres. I will start on something very new, the writing of a book in my own language, and I am really looking forwards to that. Hope I remember how to.

Apart from that there are no big adjustments to this year from the 1.1 version. It is looking good so far!

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