Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cold, so cold

Getting worse, not better. No inspired blogging from GDC, as I had to crawl off around lunch time. I am on in an hour, so I am going to lie down and read for a while, then take some medicine and hope it will let me behave almost healthy for my session. It should, I promised. And afterwards I won't have to talk for days, so straining the voice now will not be a problem.

And then I can collapse until I have to check out of the hotel. Need to check when that has to be. And check for a place close where I can get food I can eat. Had muffins from Starbucks for lunch, as the bread in the lunchboxes here would have been worse, and I had no energy to run off and get something I can eat. And I just can't afford to rely on room service. This is one of those moments when being so independent and travelling around the world alone is no fun.

Hopefully, more fun blogging ahead.

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