Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is that WoW?

She leaned over and stared avidly on my screen, the chinese student at Wellington University. Busy making screenshots for the presentation tonight, I nodded, and let her have her passive WoW fix. "you have many many pictures," she commented as I worked, eyes taking in the secrets of my screen eagerly. I could only confirm - the computer is packed with them, I rely on my pictures, and explained what I was doing, as I saved a nice screenshot of Nuuna, the guild leader of The Truants.

"I try to play from here, but I can't" she mourned. Then she noticed that my latency was red as well. "No real playing," I admitted. "Ah, you just sell stuff and go to the bank." She needed sagely, and complained about the slowness of the chinese servers she plays on. She had surprised all her friends by logging on from New Zealand and getting on with them, playing the same game. "It is great, they were so surprised!" she beamed. "Yes, I am chatting with my friends in Europe and USA now," I answered, and opened my social list. By now she was almost on my lap with the laptop. Who says online games makes people asocial? The gamers certainly are ready to talk about their passion.

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