Monday, March 20, 2006

San Jose

I am in Hilton, San Jose, in a big room for which I pay way more than I can afford. But right now I am very glad of it. I have a cold which is rapidly getting worse, I have no idea what it is in my head, night or day, and I finally have a reliable internet connection at a decent price from a private location. It's wonderful. New Zealand was great, but going straight from campervan-life which wasn't even all vacation to work and then to 20 something hours of travel just to go 10 hours backwards in time is exhausting.

But tomorrow is GDC, and I hope this is just a light cold, passing quickly with some decent sleep. I have no idea if there are anybody I know already in town, there should be, TL, Eric and several others are to attend tomorrow, but I have made no connections before this. Hence I am stranded in a huge hotel surrounded by wide, car-filled streets. I wonder if I can have a chance of finding a mexican restaurant, nachos and a pitcher of margaritas? Or perhaps that's more for tomorrow night, when I can hopefully breathe through my nose again.

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