Sunday, March 12, 2006

Boiling Mud

No, nothing to do with the MUDs I otherwise work with, although it is a severe reminder that I need to get back to work. The last few days have been chaotic. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday calling to find out what happened to my suitcase or shopping for clothes and other stuff to cover the dire lack of clothing. Got to remain decent and inoffensive, and I was getting so ripe it would certainly offend.

Thursday I gave up waiting, and we started for Napier. The ride was tough even for a road-hardened Norwegian from the west coast. Not that the road was that difficult, but I have never driven a camper van before. And here I had the pleasure of driving one first in town with a map-reader who I later discovered inconsistently confuses right and left, then on several-file roads (my nightmare) to crown the virgin trip with narrow, winding mountain roads. I finally understood why those campervans are so slow on the Norwegian roads, and why their drivers look consistently terrified. I promise I will be endlessly more patient now. But I will still curse if you don't pull over!

After Napier we made our way to Rotorua, where we are today. Yes, I am going the tourist route. I want to see Volcanic landscapes, maori carvings and glowworms. Napier was seafood and local wine, later today I hope to enjoy a nice spa treatment, and so after Rotorua it's only the glowworms left to do.

I hope this picture shows the boiling mud. I am outside, it's sunny, I have no idea what the pictures look like.

If it doesn't look like much, use your imagination. What I am trying to show you is bubbling mud, stinking like rotten eggs. Delicious, hummm?

Tomorrow we start the trip towards Wellington. I need to make some time to work every day from now on, now that I am no longer jetlagged, I have my suitcase and the most important tourist activity is done. I have even done laundry, there can't be any mroe excuses. Thursday we have to drop off the car and check into the hotel where Blog Hui is to be. Friday I will be back in a world with steady internet connection, I hope. Sunday I am on my way back to the US, hopefully my luggage will come too. Then next Friday it's NYC where I get to both rest and write.

Oh, and the fire hazard in the area? Relax all, as usual I brought the rain and put out the fires. Just one of the benefits of travelling in the hope of warmth and sunshine!

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