Monday, January 08, 2007

Games science

Here's one answer to my own question some days ago, a link into the world of German game studies. They call their journal nothing less than games science, and I am happy to see it and curious about what hides behind the title. Finally a good reason to work on my German skills, sorely neglected for years. They haven't published any articles yet, though, but they have some links to game research resources in Germany. They also have a game research navigator, where they have positioned gamestudy works according to how they interpret the connection to the wider field of critical analysis. Interesting, even if I know I could argue for a while why I don't like this map, and prefer to make my own. But that's what happens when new voices are added, and it's a good thing!

For those who prefer their reading in English, Anna sent me to Alexander Knorr's blog.

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orange. said...

"I know I could argue for a while why I don't like this map"

yeah.. and anthropology seems to miss completely which is strange and not so strange again when you think of games studies being the subject of so many disciplines.