Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Italy in January?

If so, here's a game conference for you (Yes, I really wish I could just pack up and go. I need a rich benefactor):

An Interdiciplinary Conference

The conference "The Philosophy of Computer Games" will be held in Reggio
Emilia, Italy 25-27 January 2007. The purpose of the conference is to
initiate an investigation into philosophical issues that is relevant to
current research on computer games.

Registration can be made by sending an e-mail to
olav.asheim@ifikk.uio.no. There is no conference fee.


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Luca said...

this one is the third attempt to publish this comment (since I moved to the new version of blogger my account I've got nothing but problems). I'll be back from Morocco on Jan, 27th so I won't go to the conference, but since Reggio Emilia is just 200km north of Urbino if you Torill (or someone of the Truants) are going there and want to visit a very nice Italian town... just send me an email!