Tuesday, January 16, 2007

They asked a new question!

NRK P2 kulturnytt (08.05 - 08.30) woke me up this morning to ask about World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade - it's a sufficiently big event that the more serious channels have noticed it. and you know what? They asked a new question! Rather than the usual "do people get addicted, is it dangerous" (yes, I am taking the question seriously, but answering it well doesn't fit in any of the news formats I have been subjected to so far!) they asked about the cultural background of WoW, and it's connection to Tolkien.

Now, I could have said a lot about WoW and the fantasy and science fiction genre (there's a big fat thesis there), for instance C'thun telepathically sending prophecies of tragedy, betrayal and failure to individual players while playing in the Silithus raid instances - call of Cthulu, anyone? And if that wasn't a sufficiently clear link to Lovecraft, the Dranei are tentacled, huge and come from outer space. If you have read your Lovecraft, you'll assume they are not as friendly as the Alliance might think - but at least they won't be great pals with Cthun:
In At the Mountains of Madness, for example, the Old Ones are a species of extraterrestrials, also known as Elder Things, who were at war with Cthulhu and his relatives or allies. Human explorers in Antarctica discover an ancient city of the Elder Things and puzzle out a history from sculptural records.(wikipedia)
Anyway... no time to talk about this in 30 seconds on radio, but at least I got to make connections to the wider literary, cultural and mythic universe WoW draws in, and I am ridiculously happy about it.

Pathetic, isn't it, when the high-point of the day is when a journalist thinks of a new question?

Update: just remembered - this is where I learned that NRK has a gamedesk! Googling it and searching at NRK.no so far only gets me hits not related to their desk: a group of gamers congratulating one of their own, Roar Halten, with landing a job there, and an interview where the same man is among those interviewed.

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