Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let's Play!

AOIR's conference in Vancouver is named "let's play", and is of course pretty irresistible to me! Deadline for submissions of abstracts is February 1st 2007, and I am almost in tears, trying to figure out how to get time for all the writing which has to happen NOW - and this too. But I would love to go here, and it would be a nice compliment to DAC 2007 in Perth - one at each side of Equator.

I'll just have to get going on the idea production.


Toril said...

Torill, if you go to Vancouver make sure you have some additional time to go sightseeing. The city is absolutely stunning, and you'll love it before you even land (seeing it from the airplane)!!

I've been there several times, but would go back tomorrow if I could, and it is also a city I would love to live in permanently - one of very few since I reside in such a beautiful (although wet) city as Bergen :)

In addition, you'll notice that the Canadians are extremely friendly!! (well, most of them, that is...)

Torill said...

I'll do my best :)