Monday, October 25, 2004

Batman meets Jurassic Park and James Bond

I went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow yesterday, in the East Village. This is a movie for people with special interests (or in need of not-too-challenging entertainment). What you need to enjoy this movie is just the right balance in your preferances, and you need to like Batman for the visuals and the mood (love the blimp mooring to the top of the Empire State Building), James Bond for the beautiful women, the fantastic vehicles and the sidekick, and Jurassic Park for - well, of course, the Dinosaurs! If you throw in a touch of King Kong, a lot of dystopic war movies and some Russian poster art, you have got it.

Story? Did you say story? Eeehhhh, well, that should be easily covered by just about any superhero comic strip from the 60ies. Actually, Superman gets a link as the female reporter is Lana Lang if she was played by Greta Garbo, and with some goodwill you can see a touch of Godzilla and some War of the Worlds there too. But somebody got so busy just quoting the classics of pop culture that the story shrivelled and died somewhere around the third "but I told you not to come with me" scene.

For a barbarian like me, that didn't matter though. I like pop culture collages.

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Francis S. said...

Sounds like my cup of tea, definitely...