Monday, October 18, 2004

Team America

Before returning to the Serious Games, I want to mention a movie I saw Saturday: Team America, jet-lagged and wanderign Manhattan in the early afternoon.

I loved the movie, but tired as I was I managed to register that it may be offensive. So, for the sensitive osuls out there: If you get offended by joking with the American armed forces, actors being called F.A.G.s, the UN portrayed as impotent and Hans Blix being treated horribly by a North Korean dictator who is desperately lonely and distributing weapons of mass destruction, by cultural stereotypes and the streets of Paris paved with croissants, explicit sex between puppets and overly explicit use of goo in unappetising scenes with some of the same puppets, extreme violence against puppets and really bad lyrics, then you should not, I repeat should not, see this movie. Not a lot of blasphemy though, so religious people should be able to see it. That is, unless they object to the offensive language. For a preview of the offense, see the clips.


Alex Halavais said...

That's funny. I saw this last Saturday and found it a bore. It's not without some amusing moments, but too much of it relies on the shock-value of the material, and it's just not all that shocking. (Though I have to say, I was surprised at how many young children had come with parents. Not prudish, but I would say--puppets notwithstanding--this isn't much of a kids movie.)

Torill said...

Alexander - I may have been influenced by being dazed by time-differences, being in a theatre where people were howling with laughter or by my New York connection, who also loved it, but I guess it all comes down to whether you are base enough to laugh at the stupid slapstick and crude kicking in all directions. I am just a simple barbarian, I am and I did.