Friday, October 29, 2004

Freedom of Speech in Sims Online

Professor Peter Ludlow, editor of the Second Life Herald, formerly Alphaville Herald, the blog/newspaper that used to cover Alphaville, a place inside The Sims Online (TSO), just descibed his run-in with TSO over a case of prostitution he pointed out in 2003.

Electronic Arts and The Sims Online have repeatedly tried to shut down Professor Ludlow and the Alphaville Herald, after banning him from the game.

Interesting story, for many reasons, and for bloggers of course the connection gaming, blogging and cencorship is eyecatching.

Update: an article from Wired on the Free Expression panel.


Thomas said...

Hm. Isn't it rather weird that Electronic Arts/Maxis shuts down the 'teller' instead of the 'doers' in this case? You should think they'd be more interested in banning the persons making explicit use of their game...

Torill said...

Well, my guess is that if they kick out the doers, they have to admit that it can actually happen, while if you kick out the tellers, they can go on claiming it's a lie.