Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bay Ridge to Union Square

The weather is just too good to stay in and finish all I should today, so I have charged both batteries in my laptop, charged the big camera and cleaned out the memory sticks. I have checked for wifi on Manhattan, and planned my trip.

I am using the NYC bloggers by subway map, and have picked some of the more interesting (to me) blogs along the route from here to Union Square. The list is:

95th street (Where I am now)
Opened Source

86th street
600 seconds
86th Street

Court Street
Ambulance Chaser
The landlord's black-eyed daughter

Rector Street
Games*Design*Art*Culture - An old familiar one there - didn't know he claimed Rector street as "home" for the blog.
Rachel and the City

Prince Street
Wooster Collective
What I saw - A dead weblog, but interesting for the last observations.
Biz Stone, Genius - Another name we have heard before.

Union Square
Lusty Lady
City Cynic

Today's plan, before I go to the State of Play II, is to get a subway pass, fill the backpack with all the things I have not been doing because I have tried to work, and go prepare the presentation and the article I have been saving for later. I will also be shpping for drumstick for the drummer boy, something to wear for a party this weekend (the suitcase was almost empty when I left this time. All work and no play makes for a dull wardrobe), bring a map of NYC, a list of restaurants I haven't tried, a card that will get me into Bobst Library and the cash I have left. Did you by the way catch the weblog of Steve, who lived in Bobst Library?

I'll have to live on what's in my NYC connection's fridge for something over a week, but at least then I don't bother you all with worries over my diet. Oh, and somewhere along the line I will try to remember to post the pictures from the eclipse tonight. I saw it down by the Verrezano Bridge, the weather was beautiful and the college camera, bulky as it is, caught the red moon. Ooops - I am running late. We'll see how much of this I get around to!

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Arne Olav said...

I guess you'll be returning to Norway in time for the Digital & Sosial conference in Bergen. You can prepare yourself for the flight back by following this link (by way of Morgenmat):