Monday, October 25, 2004

The Technology Limit

I love my digital camera. So I ought to love a better digital camera even more. But the better camera comes with a bulkier lens, a heavier case and a lot more options than I can quickly learn.

I love my cellphone. So I ought to love a better cellphone more. But the better cellphone comes with a manual as thick as the phone itself, but much much bigger.

I love my computer. So I ought to love a better computer more. But the better computer has so many other uses, a webcam, the possibility of making a network where I would like, a snakes nest of wires and extensions that weight almost more than the computer itself, and which I need a consultant to set up.

So what am I saying? I am saying that everybody have a certain level of "couldn't care lessessness". At that point we stop wanting things to be better, and want them to be simpler, lighter or smaller instead. Technology is at the moment exploring this edge, and the competition is fierce. In which direction can the limit be pushed? Who can do it? How? Who ever pushes in the right direction first, and can make people see it is the right direction, wins. If they know their advertising.

Interesting time to like technology.


Thomas said...

Well written. As allways, professor!

Torill said...

Thanks Thomas. I am not assessing any of your papers or grading your work this year, am I?

;) I noticed your blog. Nice layout, and spunky writing!

Thomas said...

Thank you for that! And, no, you are not correcting any of my papers this semester (I think). =)

moncay said...

well, this is what sauseschritt considered reading your post.

Torill said...

I saw that - and it was kind of interesting, as it's the opposite view of what I meant. I can however see how the word "better" can cause the post to be interpreted in that direction. But that is an interesting interpretation, so it's fine with me!