Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We all know about technology

The first thing you learn when you plan a lecture or a conference or just about anything that involves making modern technology work, is that something always happens to make it NOT work. And so it did. I am at the WiKi workshop, and there were too many of us (and the wiki was set up wrong), so we had to change the focus from hands on to listening. Oh well, perhaps I can check in to the hotel now, earlier today there was a fire-rehearsal. (I hope that's the right word.)


Francis S. said...

In U.S. English, that would be "fire drill."

Or at least that's what we called it in suburban Chicago where I grew up. Although we had a lot more tornado drills - opening the windows, everyone getting under their desks in a crouch with their hands locked behind their necks - than fire drills.

Torill said...

Thanks Francis, sounds right. Tornado drills sounds more fun than fire drills. All we needed to do as kids were get quickly out of the school building and then line up and be counted. Although the hotel did kind of rehearse the fire too, as they used smoke in the corridors, in case the smoke needed to learn where to go, I guess. That would have made the fire-drills of times past so much more interesting.

By the way Francis, do you know the english word for lingon? It's not craberries, is it?

Francis S. said...

We call them, well, lingonberries (although a quick glance at my Swedish-English dictionary also translates lingon as red whortleberry or cowberry, which sounds like something out of Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market, which is to say very 19th century obscure and hifalutin English).

Cranberries are something else: tranbär in Swedish.