Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Learning Lab Denmark

They have a research group devoted to educational computer games! How civilised is that? And if I am to judge by the presentation with Rikke Magnusson, they have a fairly realistic, updated view on this as well.

The presentation still, however, suffers from the serious games bug: an eagerness to exploit the myth of what a powerful medium games are. Can teaching games really be created? IF students can learn maths, I guess they should be able to learn how to kill old ladies too. Dilemma that, hmm?


Jonas Heide Smith said...

I'm wondering if most students do not already know "how to kill old ladies". The real problem - I suppose - would be if math games make students love to do math problems in real life (i.e. if the game taught preferences, not just competensies).
In that case I guess we'd have to worry about those old ladies.


Torill said...

Good point Jonas. I think what the more complex games can teach is abstracts: a way of thinking about problems, a way of researching a topic, a way of looking for different means to solve a task.