Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Moderately multiplayer other players game

The moderately multiplayer other players game designed by Jesper and Eric took off today, and will be finished this afternoon. I am a socializer, and managed to hook up with others of my team today. They already had a stack of cards and were well on the way to create a sentence. Susana and I added our cards to the stack, and it got better. Over lunch we hashed out strategy, and gained what was needed for the sentence and some protection (not aggression, we are the nice guys, right?).

So now my game avatar has a cute little dragon on it. Eric claimed it’s a pokemon, but I perceive it as a dragon, so that is its social reality. My frivolous use of a card was voted on and granted by the group, as we had a card to spare. I think it was the “than” card.

The ingame store, manned by Jesper and Eric today, offered candy and stickers, like the dragon used for enhancing my avatar. It also changed four similar cards into booster packs of five cards, and three similar cards into steal cards: for both aggressive and protective use.

Part of the strategy is to steal other people’s cards. But to steal you need to SEE the card. This means that the planning phase is the most vulnerable phase – as all cards are there on the table. Which, of course, explains the reaction when I inched innocently closer to the explorers with my little digital camera. Not that I would ever want to try to take pictures of the other group’s cards in order to share the information with my teammates…

At five o’clock we’ll all vote on the different sentences, and also count the points of the different decks. There may still be interesting little surprises waiting.

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