Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Warmth in the darkest days

The first night after the sun turned was one of nightmares. Ghoulish howls of wind about the corners of the house kept us awake in the dark hours and we were up well before dawn to check on windows and the roof. The storm is named "Finn", and it's scouring the coast of Norway, testing the tethers of christmas decorations and challenging the daring of pilots. From my window you can't see how fierce it is, but it eats the light, darkens the sky and blurs the outlines of the mountains.

The only sensible thing to do on a day like this, is to herd energy and cherish the light and warmth sheltered indoors. And the traditional way to do that is to bake. I have made five of the required seven types, but I don't think I will be able to make all seven this year. You see, I can't bake quicker than certain people eat, so the first cookies - the healthy spelt, oatmeal and fructose experiment - are already gone.

This means I am left with four types - almond and chocolate macaroons, chocolate chips cookies, lemon sticks and eggyolk meringue.

I made an honest attempt, so I hope the powers of Christmas will read the intent and not let us all starve in "vårknipa" - the lean times of spring. Which, in our modern times, strikes in January when we have to pay the student loan and a whole stack of other bills, conveniently postponed till just after christmas...


unni said...

Now I want to go home to Ålesund for Christmas. Just to taste your cakes and to smell the air of a freshly washes home, and hear the friendly, though over time anoying sound of the lighted angel chimes.

And also to hear the sound of the roaring winds....

Torill said...

Time to develop your own traditions, little sister, and to change and adjust them as the children grow. Perhaps it helps to know the home-base won't be scoured, just smoothed over, and we'll spend much of the time keeping the dogs from eating the cats.