Monday, December 20, 2004

Public, private and mainstream

Chuck Tryon of the Chutry experiment blogs an article in the Sunday New York Times, where Jeffrey Rosen discusses how weblogs redefine the border between public and private.

What can I say but: Jeffrey Rosen, if you want to write a scholarly article about this, I'd like to point to the articles "Blogging Thoughts" with Jill Walker, "Personal Publication and Public Attention", and the keynote to blogtalk 2.0, which although slightly less directly relevant deals with the liminal nature of blogging, "Dialogue in Slow Motion".

And that's just my stuff. Into the Blogosphere holds more, and the dialogue/conversation analysis which both Stephanie and Lilia engage in is directly relevant if you approach the public sphere with a Habermasian understanding of rational dialogue.

Of course, newspapers don't like articles loaded down with references and citations. Isn't that odd, considering the importance of doing "research" and quoting "sources"?

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