Wednesday, April 24, 2002

And looking for links for that last post, I met a name from way back in the eighties, when I went to an alternative school to practice and study photography and journalism. One of the fellow students that year was Signy Fardal, today the editor of the Norwegian version of Elle. I can't help smiling every time I see her talking about women's rights, trying to defend her change in attitude from the early eighties until today. I still remember her as an angry, loud but amazingly colourful and attractive girl with a wonderful voice and dialect. She stood up for her rights and those of everybody else, wearing her hand-woven Sigrun Berg shawl like a badge of honour. Always fashion-concious, oh yes, and the radical fashion of the time was flat shoes, cotton shirts and dongery jeans.

Now when I hear her on the radio her strong dialect is gone and she is always defensive, trying to explain herself. But she's still a woman who dares to change and be honest about it.

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