Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I just finished an article for publishing in Game Studies - hopefully I'll be able to link to it soon, as well as talk about the other articles in the upcoming issue. Publishing is always a drag - when I am ready to submit something I am done with it, mentally it's a closed topic, and then I move on. But to the editors, that's when the process starts. This invariably leads to smaller or larger conflicts, and when I am involved in the journal as I am with Game Studies (although my involvement is very low-key at the moment and has nothing to do with editing), these conflicts easily go beyond the comfort sones of all involved.

Not that this became a big issue - I have just had quite a bit of resistance to preparing this paper for publishing, and I have been made to feel guilty for it. Now I only have one very short article, luckily in Norwegian, to prepare for publishing, and I'll be done with other academic writing than the dissertation for quite a while. At least a month. Then I have to look seriously at the science-theory essay.

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