Wednesday, April 24, 2002

In the interest of getting to the bottom of the women's rooms topic, I called Golden Tulip Rainbow Hotel Arena, which has 24 women's rooms. And if I ever stay there, I am going to ask for a woman's room, because this is what they say is supposed to be in these rooms and not the others:

dressing-gown, a magazine (Henne or Elle or something similar), flowers, an iron and not just a trousers-press (that has annoyed me I don't know how many times), more items in the bathroom and a special mirror so that you can admire your hair from more angles. And it's not supposed to be more expensive than the other rooms. They said nothing about a more feminine colour-scheme, for which I am grateful, I am no fan of pink.

Afterwards I called the hotel Hilde had stayed on and yes, she was right: SAS Radisson Hotels define women's rooms as having more feminine colours, and nailfiles and tampons in the bathroom, none of the rest.

I have carried my load of groceries through life, I don't need to prove anything any more - and I travel often enough on those flights where the only other woman in the cabin is the flight-attendant. I would love not to have to search through the whole building for an iron, after all it gets boring to constantly wear t-shirts.

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