Friday, April 26, 2002

Yesterday we bought a saxophone for Erla. It's not new - it's used, a Selmer from 1977, with a rich, full tone, a tall, elegant neck and slender bell - it's lovely. But it needs to be adjusted a little - the A and G don't close properly. For things like this I love living in a small town. Erla's a good musician, and very versatile, playing the clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone, and so the people who want to maintain bands and ensembles in the area are doing everything to help her develop. The man we asked about the sax not only checked it for us, he also promised to bring it to the best man for adjusting it in Norway, who happens to live in Hamar, six hours driving away - if the weather is good. It's a pretty elaborate set-up in order to get it there and back, and his entire family will be involved - but that's no problem if he can get one more decent musician for his band.

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