Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Second, their site and a subsequent email from Anja made me think about my working title again - which I had almost forgotten while trying to finish all the little bits and pieces.

The digital juggler is an image for how people use the net, particularly players, that it's not an aimless and uncontrolled skipping where ever the net takes you, but that the players and the people who know how to use the internet go with the flow but retain their equilibrium - the way a juggler does, holding all those tasks going, catching and sending them off again, chatting here, playing there, surfing or writing in two more windows. I still like it, even if I am writing more about the game and less about player behaviour than I expected. Returning to think about why I chose that title, I think I have come back to where I started. The process of understanding something I suspected has come a full circle, and the jugger is still back there somewhere behind the notes and chapters and definitions and methodology and references.

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