Friday, April 05, 2002

Looks like I am between a rock and a hard place when it comes to blogger and blogger pro. I want to update to blogger pro - it has all those neat features - but I can't run Internet Explorer on my lap-top, which is the machine I use when it's important for me to leave notes about things I want to remember, when I want to communicate with colleagues or family while travelling - when I generally want to be able to use the blog for stuff which might be a bit more urgent than the usual more-or-less adademic musings. So until Blogger comes up with a pro-version which is compatible with Opera (which I am in love with, by the way - of course, it being Norwegian has nothing to do with it....), I am doomed to be prioritised below the Microsofties.


(As for the lap-top and IE: despite having windows reinstalled on the lap-top, it still turns off the entire computer when I access certain sites. It baffles our IT department, and after all the problems I have managed to cook up on my computers over the 11 years I have worked at this college it takes a bit for those guys to be baffled.)

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