Friday, April 12, 2002

The reality is elsewhere
Mark Bernstein sits with a feeling that "the real meeting was elsewhere" after the Oslo conference which Jill, Anders, Hilde and I blogged.

This is an interesting statement, as it echoes the comments of Ragnhild Trondstad, who's an other of the Ph. D. Students on our program, also studying games, and a wonderful person to know. Ragnhild doesn't have and doesn't want a blog, but she misses an online voice in order to be able to take part in the discourse.

Somehow, our blogs make exhibitionists like Jill and me seem more important than we consider ourselves. Not that I don't have respect for Jill and loads of self-respect, but we and all of the bloggers we refer to are just people who happen to like writing and sharing. There's no secret agenda of exclusion, and from my side, hardly even an attempt to promote myself online. Jill, Hilde, Lisbeth, Gonzalo, Mark are all better at that than I am; Jill, Mark and Gonzalo in particular, with their links to their writings and works, their finished articles, Jill's reference list and the links all maintain to other similar sites, making their sites good portals and excellent resources.

On the other hand... Perhaps the real conference WAS in Oslo - Norwegians are pretty advanced when it comes to researching ICT!

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