Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Chapter 11
Which might easily be chapter 10 before I am done, is sent off for proof-reading. Now I just need to slash 51 pages from the 350 page document, to achieve the desired 299 pages the thesis should sprawl over. I already have a taker for chapter 10, if I don't use it in the thesis (it's a really good chapter, I think it's my favourite, but I am not sure if it belongs in the dissertation. At the same time... I removed an entire chapter from my master's thesis, with disastrous effect!). I have two days left at the college before I take two weeks off from administration and teaching. It's been a rough fall and winter, I have been pushing and pushing against the sluggish material of final editing, while introducing a three-year education rather than the two-year one I left, implementing the "quality reform" and since just before Christmas leading the Information study. Now I have two weeks away from all of that, starting Friday. This was supposed to be a vacation, but it will be used to finish the thesis. When I return from NYC I hope it's the last time I carry the manuscript - the next time I'll carry the book instead.

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