Sunday, January 12, 2003

Space time social games
I need to get my head back on the game-thinking track, so I am playing around with google. I typed in space time social games, and these are some of the more interesting hits:

Games, Entertainment and After: A short essay by Fred McVittie (1992) on the relationship between games and plays, with a sharp little kick in the side of avant-garde theatre.

Space Games: Puzzle your own galaxy but beware of the annoying pop-ups!

Time and Space for Children: "Let's stop consuming our kids" is Elizabeth Goodenough's modest proposal. In an interesting essay on secret spaces of childhood, she touches on some very important issues pertaining children in the modern world.

Reframing the Cultural Space of Computer and Video Games: Kurt Squire at MIT with a very well-thought out article on games as a teaching tool, games as a tool to question the state of the world, and the violence/games discussion.

The Weekly Noun:Time: Time in role-playing games - what time means for your character. In Game Grene: For the gamer who's sick of the typical.

And to round this little list of more-or-less interesting search-results off:
Prime-time Primates:keeping the Peace: No, it's not a case-study from UN, but of chimpanzees in over-crowded environments. Unlike for instance rats, they develop coping behaviour. Perhaps somebody could learn something...

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