Thursday, January 30, 2003

First we'll take Manhattan...
Or actually, it's Brooklyn I am about to re-invade. Bay Ridge area is traditionally Norwegian turf, so it is very home-like. There are meat-balls and milk chocolate from Freia in the deli by the subway, a danish bakery and - best of all - I can see the sea with just a five minute walk. OK, so its somewhat more brakkish than Voldsfjorden, but it smells of salt and there are boats on it, more than the two ferries running back and forth over the fjord. I'll be in Brooklyn from tomorrow and for two weeks, hiding from all the trivial questions like how to keep the roof dry, the car running and the food on the table, immersing myself in the big, important questions, such as: "how can I cut an other 22 pages from this (bloated) manuscript"?

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