Thursday, January 02, 2003

Lost gifts
If you want to make sure your loved ones think you have forgotten all about them, send a parcel between USA and Norway. Since the beginning of November 2002 the Norwegian mail does not deliver parcels between Norway and USA, that task has been taken over by Expressgods General Parcels. This has caused a severe delay on all parcels, even the ones that are supposed to be air-mail and normally used to arrive within a week. But as if it's not enough that the parcels arrive late, when they arrive, the receiver has to pay a transport fee. So, to add to the insult of a package arriving a month or two late, you have to pay to get it!

How do I know this? I am of course waiting for a package. My NYC connection sent it more than three weeks ago, and he paid handsomely to make sure it would get here by Christmas. When I started checking why it hadn't arrived, I was told to contact either General Parcels or Ekspressgods. Neither place is of any help to me. I am angry and impatient, and quite a bit worried about the parcel.

So how do I start a meme? I would love it if every time somebody make a search for ekspressgods, general parcels and "forsinket pakke USA" they learn that the privatisation of the Norwegian postal system DOES NOT WORK! It gives us worse service for more money!

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