Friday, January 03, 2003

One down...
Just sent off the final draft of an article for a "real book" - one published not by a college or a scholarly publishing house, but a more popular and public one. It's going to be a collection of articles describing some of the research within the large Norwegian research programme which has financed my research - SKIKT. The Norwegian Board of Research is about to close the program as the new one - KIM - opens, and I have written a small article describing the playing of a RP-MUD. It's called "Tatt av spillet" - "Gone with the game" - and is in Norwegian.

Writing in Norwegian was a pleasant experience after all these years of practicing my English. I have always written well, quickly and easily (although the content tends to be a little lacking, I write faster than I think at times), and to write of this topic which I now know so extremely well was a pleasure, fun and almost ridiculously easy. Typically, the publishing editor liked my writing better than the academic editor, but since this is supposed to be somewhat popularised research publishing, I went with the publishing editor's view - as did professor Knut Lundby, the academic editor, once they had discussed it.

So all in all, despite this being only one of 5 urgent matters that need to be resolved RIGHT NOW, I feel rather good about the morning.

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