Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Weather exercize
If you want to understand Norwegian weather forecasts, you need to understand the very precise language describing wind-forces and weather. As an aid, I found this little guide to weather in Norwegian. So when I tell you today is "sterk kuling økende til liten storm" that should explain why I am in front of the computer and not on the roof, fastening tiles. Between 15 and 20 tiles had been moved and/or broken. We need to lift at least three, perhaps four rows of tiles (30-40 tiles) and nail the two or three lower rows to the roof, drill holes in the lower row in order to fasten them twice, and put it all back. This needs to be done in one operation, which means we need nothing more than "laber til frisk bris" and preferably no rain for approximately two hours. Snow or ice will make the work impossible - but if the temperature drops, so will the winds, and there won't be any additional damage. Living in this climate is such an adventure...

(And yes, electricity prices are dropping... on the business market, not to the individual consumer. This winter will most likely cause changes in the legislation concerning the sale and distribution of electricity.)

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