Thursday, January 16, 2003

Feminist Criticism
I am giving a lecture about this tomorrow, and although it's a repetition of a lecture I did this fall, I feel I need to prepare (or over-prepare) again. Here are some links found in the process:
Feminist Literary Criticism and Theory: a bibliography sorted by topic.
Gesturing Toward the Visual: Virtual Reality, Hypertext and Embodied Feminist Criticism by Carolyn Guertin (1998): An article which discusses feminist explorations of Virtual Reality, and the role of female researchers in hypertext studies, lamenting the male dominance.
Definition of Feminist Criticism, a page from a site that was not available as I did the search, captured by google.
Feminist Criticism defined by Greig E. Henderson and Christopher Brown
An other bibliography of Feminist Criticism, this one annotated.
Feminist Criticism applied to a fairytale by Grimm, my favourite so far. Check out the different approaches to this fairytale, apparently a student project for a class in German.

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