Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Dave Winer has the nominees for the blogger of the year award, and it's interesting to see who's nominated and what kind of sites they maintain. My impression from a quick browsing through, is that it's men discussing technical/economic/political news, and very often referring to - each other.

At sixdifferentways.com, the blog babe of the week might be disappearing. Since I got nominated but didn't make it to the top (steep competition there, I am sure....) I have been kind of miffed and been absolutely certain that it's all a matter of showing enough skin in the pictures sent to the jury of one... No, I don't think so - but it's symptomatic that it's been possible for one guy to find and promote a female blogger every week of the year, but when an other is supposed to choose the 15 outstanding ones there are two women: Heather Champ and Susan Kitchens.

I'll not go into personal bias, because weblogs are biased, it's one of my favourite things about blogs that they are subjective and personal. I have however found that blogs are good tools and a good medium for women in which to publish and to speak out, it's not a lack of good female bloggers that gives the ratio 13:2 among the nominated bloggers of the year.

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