Friday, December 28, 2001

Finally cleaned up.
Blogger played tricks with me tonight. I posted a picture and a story - then decided that picture deserved a better-told story, and deleted it - I thought. It refused to be deleted, and I posted an explanation: that I was trying to delete, but couldn't. That post didn't publish. At that point I decided that I didn't want to go crazy over it, and I went to bed.

When I came to work today, the picture and the story was still at the blogspot, and the explanation still wouldn't post. So I deleted the explanation and published again, and it all cleared up!

Events like these are what makes people antropomorph technology. It seems so reasonable to explain them through human or animal characteristics: Blogger was stubborn, the post refused to be deleted, the program changed its mind and I managed to convince blogspot to let go of the offending post.

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