Monday, December 03, 2001

History - The Search
This is the story of the tree in Rockefeller Center. Somehow, I lose some of my holiday spirit when I think of these trees, perfect, ancient specimen, slowly growing in height and girth, sheltered from the wind and in healthy soil, the few trees left on this planet which have not been damaged by pollution or fallen before the expansion of human "civilisation".

Here in Norway, where several of the world's famous public Christmas trees come from, they are harder and harder to find due to acid rain carried here from the very nations we send our perfect trees to. The giants of the forest, cut from their roots and moved to die covered in lights, breathing their last scented breaths which for a short while replaces the stink of the city before they are dead, dry, cut up for firewood, burned and gone for ever; they leave me sad and tired, and not at all in a consuming mood.

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