Friday, December 21, 2001

I've just been to see Lord of the Rings, and I have two teen-agers walking around all starry-eyed talking about details from the film. No, it's not like the book, and I would have liked Glorfindel to be there, he was one of my major focuses for fantasies all through being a teen-ager and well into my twenties. I think that was because he was quite well described, enough that I constantly expected to meet him again in the book, while I never did. There has been some later controversy though, spawning discussions about the identity of Glorfindel, wondering if he was originally slain by a balrog and then returned to Middle Earth from the halls of waiting. Me, I didn't delve into his past, I enjoyed imagining what he was doing to fight Sauron and the darkness while the book was busy following Frodo, Aragorn and the rest of the fellowship of the ring. I have to admit that Arwen doesn't quite fit the role of fantasy character for me, not even to identify with. My favourite was always Eowyn - she acts, she goes out there and she makes a difference, rather than just sit around and be loved. But she ends up with the better choice though - Faramir was an other favourite, perhaps because he was an academic at heart!

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