Wednesday, December 19, 2001

More people have tracked down my email-address; Frank Schaap who maintains the site/blog (which is in my habitual surfing-path) used his knowledge of non-english languages to track me down to tell me that I had better be careful to even joke about "men" and "women" as mutually exclusive categories:

gender is a social construction and thus gender is what we say it is and repeating that men and women are 'naturally' different and can or cannot understand eachother (unless they're gay/lesbian, which, in this warped common sense theory, makes them less of a man or less of a woman and more like the 'opposite sex'... heterosexuality after all must prevail!) is IMHO not a very constructive way of thinking about people... about individuals.

What shall I say but: thank you Frank, for saying and knowing this, there's hope for human-kind, in either gender or versions of genders, as long as there are nice young men like you out there. Me, I am a lot of things, but very few have accused me of being straight. Sometimes I don't hear the warning bells of genderised doom when I fool around: thanks for this pre-Christmas jingling.
Oh, and I love your puss - same colour as my cat.

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