Sunday, December 02, 2001

Playing my character Miran the nice girl is almost impossible these days. The stress of writing demands that I get into something similar to a normal rhythm of day/night, while the players on Azhad are growing older and feel the pressure from the world around them. They no longer spend the nights there, staying online until I log on in the mornings, as they have jobs, spouses and responsibilities as well. There is this narrow window of opportunity in which I could play: between 10 pm and midnight, but I have grown too lazy to chase my kids off the computer - and they have grown into their own rhytms as well, playing, communicating, chatting online, the unlimited connectivity of the ADSL not changing the rhytms of their days and the need to send just one more email before they go to bed. With teen-age girls, there's always one more thing that needs to be said.. So Miran suffers, as does the faction, and I am trying out time-slots, hoping to find one which will let me meet up with people to role-play. Next step will most likely have to be to make an account at one of the huge graphic games, like Anarchy Online.

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