Tuesday, December 18, 2001

The Quest to End Game Addiction
This looks like a sane view on game addiction: "Compulsive playing tends to mask underlying problems such as depression, anger and low self-esteem, said Orzack, who said she was once hooked on computer solitaire. " Still, reading about online addictions on the net (of course), it turns out that I am addicted to just about everything that might give pleasure: games, chatting, shopping, work, cyber-sex - and some tests for offline addictions: regular in the flesh sex, books, comics, television, chatting with friends in coffee-shops, chocolate... I can't have any of these addictions too badly, since I have time for all of them, but the criteria for addictions keep making me an addict when ever I take a test.

I guess that says more about the nature of tests online. I'd like to see tests which checked if I am addicted to my children, for instance. I know I would be, because I have at times neglected work, friends and social activities, as well as given up hobbies, to have more time for my children. Right now I would probably be told that I am addicted to Christmas preparations, because I'll be neglecting a lot of my other addictions for that...

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