Sunday, August 15, 2004

360 degrees

This is the view from the mountain that towers over our house. The mountain is called Rotsethornet, and you are not a real "volding" (person living in Volda) if you haven't been up there.

I have a strained relationship to the lump, I have been up there, once, but I have several times tried to sell the whole thing as is to Denmark. In Denmark it would be a remarkable structure, a wonderful site for trips, mountain climbers would swarm it and there would be a nice inn at the top. Here it is just ugly, and until we moved it left us in shadow 4 out of 12 months.

The great thing about the view from this house is that I have to work really hard to see the lump, as we live just at the feet of it. From the top of the mountain the view is even better, as you can look around in 360 degrees, and not see Rotsethornet anywhere.

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