Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Moblogs and red pens

Friday Morgenbladet had an article (in Norwegian) on moblogging from Iraq. The journalists had studied the social area yafro.com, where it is possible to make your own photo moblog.

In the article the journalists ask questions of some of the soldiers in Iraq who use this site as a place to post their pictures and to chat, for instance "stilliniraq" who today is called "backhome". The article roams all over the place in an attempt to say something about several different complicated issues: The changes in personal publishing due to new technology, the role of unrestricted and unedited information from warzones, press freedom in war, and for some odd reason; wether our western culture is one of purity or filth.

Each one of these questions would have made for exellent articles, instead it's packed together in one. My red pen itches when I read something like that.

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