Sunday, August 01, 2004

Eastcoast Westcoast
Two coasts, facing each other an ocean apart and several latitudes off.

A beach, not yet sunny but already warm, as I first saw it on the Long Island North Shore:

Same beach, and the blue blue blue of the water of the west side of the Atlantic:

Looking west and north from the livingroom in Volda, the first night home from vacation:

The mountain overlooking the hidden paradise where I spent the day, getting a new dose of sun, salt, wind, peace, light, beauty, and something not to be had in a motel just at the road - quiet:

The same ocean, two shores, and my cheeks burn with the same heat as two weeks ago from the same sun at a different latitude. I love summer!

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PiRabu said...

hi.. its beautiful.
I just dropped by.