Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Yes, I know

Things have changed. I am feeling very daring. If the feeling stays with me, the changes may last longer than until tomorrow. Enjoy!

OK, I tried to change the template and let you all have rss and comments. it didn't fly. For some reason the template I had developed and modified for my test-blog did not work here :(

OK, with a little bit of help from Faster Finn, also known as Mads, I managed to fix the problem. And so, after a day of woe... Thinking with my fingers, now with comments!


Anonymous said...


I've always wanted to be able to easily talk back, Torill. Thank you!


Jill said...

Yay! Congratulations! I like the look and I like being able to comment!

Go Torill :)

Torill said...

yes, I bet you two like to talk back... *S* Thanks for the support, and we will see how this develops. Hopefully we will have fun!

Clancy said...

What they said! I like the look, of course the comments, and the RSS. BTW, did you see my new red shoes...? :-)


Torill said...

Red shoes! Great and very comfortable looking sandals! I didn't buy any new all-red pairs this summer, but I brought some pairs of shoes that have lived in New York home. I like to keep my shoes close, where I can use them.

Brancel said...

Golly -- comments! I'm stunned!

Torill said...

Don't worry brancel, if people have too much fun here, I'll go right back to asymmetric, sender-controlled communication! But right now, I am feeling - umm - kinky.