Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's life

Another chance for friends and foes to hear my slightly nasal, stressed Ålesund voice (yes, I hated the sound of myself the last time) on the radio. 10.03, NRK P2, Thursday 26th, Sånn er livet. It's supposed to be about blogs again.

I am driving to Ålesund and back for this. Good thing the college counts talking about my teaching and research on the radio as "FOU" - which is a Norwegian acronym for research and development - so they won't punish me for flexing time for this. But I guess a journalism education had better be available to journalists.

Anyway: about 20-30 minutes into the program I'll be there, and the retired population of Norway will learn even more about blogs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for elucidating Yafro as social software this morning, a point that got lost somewhere in the edit. It is interesting that Yafro is perceived as social software whereas Blogger and Movabletype are not, even if they incorporate mechanisms for two-way linking and commenting. Perhaps this has more to do with how genres and practices of writing are tied to certain tools and places rather than actual workings of software. even /

Torill said...

hei even, the interview was good though, even if you feel some necessary parts were edited out.

I think the reason why blogs are not considered social software is that they can exist without comments and trackbacks.

Social software is developed for social interaction first, publishing second. They don't function exept in a social context, although puclishing can be a side-effect. Blogs are for publishing first, the social interaction is the side effect.